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shia people have no iman

Shia Islam means prophets path

This is a shirk and kafara athan indeed this is the age and rise of the left hand side the athan is to proclaim and glorify alla and his singularity only nothing else or more . what is wrong with you people? how can you allow the shytan to trick you all. you people are victims of a bait and switch scam

please please Shia brother come on right path

Best azan I have ever heard!

I am shocked the comment section is a war place between Sunnis and Shia , we are Muslims we have to work on reuniting Islam is a religion of peace not a religion of fighting

this is not Adhan

yah ALLAH bless iran n iraq every day. .so beautiful

it wrong Azan

Really beautiful azan جزاک اللہ

Idiot How Ali can be in azan

Shia Brothers come back to Islam. Listen to Mufti Menk

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