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I couldn't live

I couldnt live without your loveFor one kiss
Well I'd give everything up
There's no words I can describe
What I feel deep inside
So I let this song say it all
Then I hope you'll understand
Once you've listened till the end
Heard the music in my head

So before I could forget

I start singing
Yeah I was singing
This song
For you
Just made up the words
La la la ohhh ohhh yeah
My heart with a melody
So I am singing
This song
For you

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With such an outstanding talent it is very odd to see 9k dislikes. That must be from the people that wish to tear down, slander and mock. The have nots that hate to see success. Throwers of the dirt. Probably the greatest female voice in the world today. That's bound to bring em out of the woodwork.

essa maquiagem dela deixou ela bem diferente kk

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