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The voices in my head say im the devil that im dead and im you.

This video was posted the day after my 21st birthday; which was the worst day of my life (August 7th, worst day of my life)

I had voices every now and then, they came from no where. Just like that, I asked my friends if they said anything, they said no. I just went in my day until I thought about it. It sounded like my friends, I barely have anyone to talk to any more. That isn't really insane, I know, but weird. I just bottle up my feelings and try to accept them, usually fail, and then I just try harder and it goes and I just hum to 16th-18th century war music, keeps me in a beat and motivated which is what it's supposed to do. I don't hear them anymore, it's weird.

my boyfriend is currently in the hospital for the exact same thing, and with us having conflicting disorders this video has definitely helped me understand to an extent what he is going through

This was a phenomenal speech

I think she is one of the bravest people I have ever heard speak.Her confidence and intelligence is outstanding.Wonderful!

A certain someone who claimed to be in a secret society sparked my so called "Schizophrenia."

Dr.Longden, my initial inspiration for my lectures where I engage with University students, the 'diagnosed' and 'mental health professionals'. We are NOT victims - we are survivors. 

she's very funny and it makes it easier to talk about these things

Some of us humans become greatly self-obsessed and we stop asking what can I do for others, in what way I can serve others, how can I help others. The extreme focus on self makes us either very proud, selfish, arrogant and cruel or it makes us very sensitive, very fragile, easily hurt, very self critical and unsatisfied. It makes us and those around us unhappy. Any true lasting solution appears fleeting as long as we are only focussed on ourselves. The moment we start venturing of our own self interests and our own likes and dislikes and start truly asking what can I do for others -

"A Sane reaction to insane circumstances". "The important question in psychology shouldn't be "what's wrong with you, but "what happened to you. I believe everyone is perfectly adjusted to their environment. The question is, what kind of environment shaped you? By asking that question, we can facilitate growth.

This was outstanding.

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